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We now have horses and puppies all over the world!!!

Our Mini Aussie puppies know how to have fun!!!

As you can see our mini aussies go everywhere. Harley puppies, Dancing puppies, Halloween puppies,

agility puppies, conformation puppies, our puppies do everything and go everywhere, just the right size

to do it all!!


See more pictures on our sold puppy page!!

As the saying goes just like Lays Potato Chips

 "You can't only have just one Toy or Mini Aussie!!"


We at CL Quarter Horses and Paints never thought we would own a small dog. Originally a large dog family Linda Jo happened on a Toy Australian Shepherd

 at a Paint show in Sioux Falls, South Dakota in 2006. She just couldn't turn down that sweet face and ended up owning her, many thanks to Diane Pugh and Kathy

 Karjalainen. Maddy was the hit of the show and in every one's arms. All who held her would have liked to buy her and a dream was born.  We now have had several

 litters and they have proven to be everything we had hoped for! They have gone on to be agility dogs, show dogs, search and rescue dogs, herding dogs (yup a puppy

 was purchased to keep the kids from the road and the pond!), therapy dogs and just all around fun pets, that do anything you ask just because they want to please you. Click

on the links to the left to see puppies from the different females.  Little Maddy is not intimidated by the size of the horses at all, in fact she is more then happy

to get right  in the thick of things she loves to help load the horses in the trailer whether we want her help or not!!


We are no longer breeding horses but have a few that we bred and raised for ourselves.  Our goals now are to show and promote our little Aussies in the conformation and agility arenas, and any other venue we can find the time to do. Our puppies are already going on to do it for us with their owners, proving our dogs can do it all!!

They are out of champion bloodlines and we intend to continue their heritage and add to it.  On occasion we do sell puppies as breeding animals on a situation by situation basis for an additional fee.

Our dogs are health tested and our puppies are negative by parentage to the serious health issues Aussies can have.  We guarantee our pups for 24 months against

 life threatening eye and hip issues. Our dogs live in our home under foot, heck at any one time 5 of them are sleeping with us at night.  Once the pups get to be about

4-5 weeks old, since we raise them in our home, we call it "shuffle time".  We can't walk like normal people or we might step on a pup so we have to shuffle.  They just

 love chasing our feet and boy are they quick!! Our puppies will see our vet before they leave so you know you are getting a happy, healthy well socialized puppy that

 will make a great addition to your family. 


The Boys

The GirlsClick the Boys and Girls buttons and see our family. Our dogs are registered with the NSDR, ASDR and NAMASCUSA which went on to AKC, and

 can be registered with MASCA, CKC, and the North American Shepherd Club.  Up until the end of 2014 our puppies could also go AKC as Miniature American

 Shepherds. I am staying with Mini Aussies, I don't like having to change the name with going AKC, to me just means the breed will change with the name change. 

Linda Jo Landau


Chuck Landau and Linda Jo Landau

612-363-9826 Linda Jo    Le Center, MN

612-363-5981 Chuck    Stephenville, TX

Can't forget the Family!!




Current "Past" family members. Can't forget them.

Missy the Boss!!. 8/04-3/07

Missy you were here with us for such a short while. In a blink of an eye you were gone, but never forgotten. You were everyone's favorite everywhere you went. We will miss you forever!!


Rosie 7/06-4/07

Rosie we didn't have you very long but that doesn't mean we didn't love you. You were a good dog and we will miss you. Now you can play with your buddy Missy up in heaven.


Skylee  5/31/07 - 3/31/08

You left us and then came back. You were Chucks best friend and always will be. You have no idea how much you will be missed and never forgotten.  It has been a tough year for us and we will never forget any of you!!!

Rest In Peace.


Our Dogs Poem by Chuck from our dogs




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