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They know when Linda Jo is supposed to be home!!

As you can see the dogs are part of our family. The puppies are raised lovingly in our home, handled and played with daily, in fact sometimes they won't let us get away!!  We introduce them to everything that goes on in a home and when the weather permits in the barn. We have an inside arena and the pups are taken out to play when the weather keeps them from being outside.We have the neighborhood kids come and play with them also, to get them used to children. They are free to run the house thru-out the day so they interact with the other adult dogs and of course the cats. All of our dogs and puppies are happy and healthy both mentally and physically.

Contract for Texas  Contract for MNTake a look at our contract, you will see we guarantee our puppies for 24 months against hereditary problems of the hips and eyes. We try very hard to make sure our breeding lines have nothing in their background so as to produce puppies that will go on to live very long and productive lives. Prices on the puppies will vary by color, markings, and sex but will average between $850.00 and $1,500.00, if selling for breeding an additional charge will be added to the price.

Our dogs are all tested for hip dysplasia and genetic eye diseases and are all breeding sound. We are here to give support to all our puppy buyers for the life of the puppy. If we don't know the answer we know where to get it for you.

We have found a product that we feel really enhances the lives of our dogs.  We were skeptical at first, but we put all our females on a product called NuVet as we were told it would help their immune systems, breeding issues, coats and just their overall health especially during their breeding years.  Sadie one of our females had a very wiry, short, not nice coat and we noticed a difference in 2 weeks.  Her coat started getting thicker and softer and just looked overall better.  So we put all of our dogs on the product and even though we feed a very good dog food, adding this extra "boost" to their daily diet has helped produce better coats, softer and shinier, more energy, and just an overall "healthier" dog.  We highly recommend this product to our puppy buyers and anyone that wants to give their dog an extra "boost" to a longer, healthier life.  You can read more about this product on our Good Links  page.  Read about it and give it a try.  It is guaranteed or your money back. We couldn't be happier with the product and all our puppies are on it from before conception until they go to their forever home.  We highly recommend our Buyers to keep their new forever family member on this product so that he/she can live a happier, healthier, longer life.





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